12th International Pragmatics Conference, Manchester U.K., 3-8 July 2011

Dear Colleague,

This is your official call for papers for the 12th International
Pragmatics Conference, to be held in Manchester, U.K., 3-8 July 2011.

The special theme of the conference is Pragmatics and its interfaces; as
usual, however, all pragmatics related themes are welcome.

Invited speakers include Laurel Brinton, University of British Columbia;
Nick Enfield, Max-Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, and
Radboud University Nijmegen; Hans Kamp, University of Stuttgart; Sotaro
Kita, University of Birmingham; Rosina Marquez Reiter, University of
Surrey; Wes Sharrock, University of Manchester.

If you want to organize a panel, you are advised to aim for the early 15
June 2010 deadline; proposals received by that time will be reviewed by
the end of June, so that either you have plenty of time to get the panel
fully organized (all contributors have to be approved by you and submit
their own abstracts by 29 October 2010), or to resubmit the proposal – if
not already accepted – by the final panel proposal deadline, which is 1
September 2010.

All abstracts for panel contributions, lectures, and posters are due on 29
October 2010.

The entire submission process is web-based.

Please read carefully all submission guidelines in the “Call for papers”
(http://ipra.ua.ac.be, > CONFERENCES > 12th Conference > Call for papers;
direct link: http://ipra.ua.ac.be/main.aspx?c=.CONFERENCE12&n=1403). Note,
in particular, that the abstract contribution module will be only
available to you if your 2010 IPrA membership is in order. (Renewing your
membership is easy: go to http://ipra.ua.ac.be, click ‘Membership
renewal’, and follow all the necessary steps.)

The website also contains all necessary information on registration, and
you may already register from now onwards.

With kind regards,

Jef Verschueren

IPrA Secretary General

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